New Build Executive Home, Wargrave Road, Henley-on-Thames

This new home set in 5 acres was built on a brownfield site outside of Henley. Babylon Design were called in by the owners as the site was suffering from compaction after a long wet build and much of the borders were unplanted.  Over the following three years we planted up the garden to create numerous different areas.

The front garden was planted up with drought tolerant and Mediterranean plants such as Cistus, Euphorbia and Hebes. Large groves of silver birches were planted in the lawn to give more winter interest.

A woodland garden was also planted up with ground cover plants and architectural shade loving woody plants such as Japanese Maples and Viburnum plicatum. Bark paths weaved through the planting to connect to other areas as well as allow access and ease of maintenance.

To screen the tennis court from the main drive a lush planting scheme was devised using tropical looking plants including tree ferns, bamboos, Catalpas and Zantedeschias.

The back garden, inspired by Gertrude Jekyll, was a rainbow theme beginning as red at one end and then progressing through the all the colours of the rainbow to end with pink at the other end.

Other projects Babylon completed were the enhancement of a meadow to reduce the weeds and encourage hardy orchids. the planting of native hedges, a screen of native trees to block out a nearby road and a wisteria tunnel leading across the garden.