photo of a garden border scheme planted by gardening company Babylon Design Oxfordshire


Babylon Design has over twenty years experience growing and planting borders with particular emphasis on creating self-sustaining plant communities that give interest throughout the year. Trees and shrubs create and create structure and height to the garden, whilst perennials provide the main blocks of colour and interesting foliage shapes. Ornamental grasses are also widely used giving movement and a naturalistic softness.

In all our planting schemes, plants are chosen to compliment and accentuate each other so that colours enhance each other. Whether the brief is a fiery hot scheme of red and yellow or a more subtle pastel design of pinks, blues and lavender, we have years of experience and hundreds of plants to choose from to fill the beds with colour and life.

Harmonious planting is not just about colour though. Plants look best when they are accompanied by suitable neighbouring species, horticulturally and visually. Thus Babylon creates schemes that seek to emulate natural plant communities and relationships. Not only are the plants easier to maintain as they have the same needs and requirements, but the planting has a unity, which helps the garden flow, and hang together.

Subject to agreement with the client, Babylon also returns in the autumn to plant a wide range of sympathetic bulbs amongst the new plantings to compliment the chosen colour scheme and conditions. Selecting the right plants for the site and planting them in the right places keeps maintenance to a minimum, so that an established bed needs less maintenance time than an equivalent area of grass.


photo of plant borders Gardeners Oxfordshire
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