photograph of hedges and lavender planted by garden landscaping company Babylon Design Oxfordshire


Babylon Design can supply and plant all types, sizes and amounts of hedges. Over the last few years we have planted numerous projects including:-

  • over 1km of mixed native hedging supplied as 90cm bare rooted whips
  • 100 metres of 2.5 m tall instant beech hedging
  • a section of 3 metre tall yew hedging to match into existing hedge
  • box edged gardens using 1m long instant box hedging in troughs

The nursery and its suppliers can supply all sizes of yew hedging at competitive prices from 60cm pot grown plants @ £3.75 to 175/200cm root balled specimens @ £100.00 each. Prices can fluctuate due to supply and currencies.

 Hedging is still a seasonal task as the range and prices in winter are much better than what is available in spring and summer.

Beech, hornbeam, laurel, Portuguese laurel, holly, box and photinia are also commonly supplied and used in a vast array of sizes and forms.

If you are planning a hedge or ready to have a hedge planted, please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget.

photograph of hedges by garden landscapers
photograph of hedges by garden landscapers Oxfordshire
photograph of hedges by garden landscapers Watlington