photograph of trees planted by garden maintenance company Babylon Design Watlington Oxfordshire


Trees are a fundamental part of the landscape and have a role to play in all but the smallest gardens. Whether screening buildings and roads, producing flowers, fruits or autumn colour or providing dappled shade, there is a tree for every site.

Babylon uses trees extensively in its gardens to give height and structure to borders and frame views and vistas. Japanese maples, strawberry trees and unusual magnolias will fit in small gardens while the selection of trees for larger gardens is vast. Our extensive knowledge of trees and their growth habits ensures that the correct tree is chosen for the garden.

We also plant ornamental woodlands and shelterbelts using predominantly native species. These can be supplied from 1.5m to 5m for hand planting. Larger trees can be planted using machinery if a few larger specimens are needed. Special consideration is given when planting on agricultural land to keep within planning rules.

Pleached trees such as hornbeam and lime have made a strong resurgence over the last few years and we have the contacts and experience to supply and plant instant screens using these types of trained trees. They can be feathered maidens for home training, young freshly trained screens or semi-mature specimens to give age and presence to the grandest of schemes.

trees planted by Babylon Design  garden landscapers
trees planted by Babylon Design  garden landscapers
trees planted by Babylon Design  garden landscapers Watlington
photo of trees being planted by landscapers Oxfordshire